For valuable support, feedback, and technical advice during the process of writing this article I am indebted to Catharine McTavish, Shahrokh Yadegari and Gayle Young.  For technical advice, inspiration and support for Powerlines I am indebted to Andrew Michrowski.

References and Notes

1.  Some of the pieces (Winter Trees, Of Radiant Streams, Circuits, and Rites of Decimation) I describe here are included on my compact disk Both Sides (1994), produced in Montreal by Société Nouvelle d’Enregistrement, 10175 Meunier, Montreal, Quebec H3L 2Z2 Canada

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3.  The other side of the canvas, called The Pure Gold Baby that Melts into a Shriek (a quote from Sylvia Plath’s poem “Lady Lazarus”) is a disturbing, visceral image made with deep lacerations that scar the canvas, acupuncture needles that pierce through the surface of the canvas and large splashes of McTavish’s own blood.  It is evidence of what McTavish endured to create the “other “ side—the “art” side of the installation.

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